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The show begins with the Solloway family packing up the family van to stay in the resort town of Montauk, New York. Noah is happily married with four children, but he resents their dependence on his wealthy father-in-law. Alison is a local waitress trying to piece her life and marriage back together in the wake of her young son’s tragic accidental death at the age of four. The story of the affair is depicted from Noah’s and Alison’s perspectives respectively, complete with memory bias which often results in vastly different scenarios. Each episode has two parts, one as remembered by Noah, the other by Alison. Noah’s perspective is of a vibrant, playful, and sexy Alison who comes on to him, while her perspective is more cautious, reserved, with a dulled conservative sense of self, and Noah coming on to her.

Episode List

The Affair S4 E9

The Affair S4 E8

The Affair S4 E7

The Affair S4 E6

The Affair S4 E5

The Affair S4 E4

The Affair S4 E3

The Affair S4 E2

The Affair S4 E1

The Affair S3 E10: Episode 10

The Affair S3 E9: Episode 9

The Affair S3 E8

The Affair S3 E7

The Affair S3 E5:

The Affair S3 E4

The Affair S3 E3:

The Affair S3 E2:

The Affair S3E1