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Written by and starring acclaimed comedy troupe The Katydids, Teachers shows their hilariously warped perspective as six elementary school teachers trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren’t really together.
The teachers are organizing the school’s anti-bullying campaign. It is mandated, despite the school not having a bullying problem. The campaign is done badly and encourages bullying. Deb offers to step up and lead the effort but, having been bullied herself in high school, she takes things a bit too far. The woman who comes in to give a speech to the children had bullied Deb, and does so again while at the school. Deb jumps on her an punches her – and the school is made exempt from the campaign.

Episode List

Teachers S3 E10: Hot Deadly Dad

Teachers S3 E9: Step by Stepsister

Teachers S3 E8: For Poorer or Poorer

Teachers S3 E7: The Book Challenge

Teachers S3 E6: Wake and Blake

Teachers S3 E5: Gender Bender

Teachers S3 E4: Leggo My Preggo

Teachers S3 E3: Of Lice and Men

Teachers S3 E2: All By Myselfie

Teachers S3 E1: Hello, Goodbye

Teachers S2 E20: Labor Pains

Teachers S2 E19: Don’t Go Pranking My Heart

Teachers S2 E18: Toxic Workplace

Teachers S2 E17: Third Wheel

Teachers S2 E16: Let It Flow

Teachers S2 E15: Hot Date

Teachers S2 E14: Nightmare On Fillmore Street

Teachers S2 E13: Dire Straights

Teachers S2 E11: Dosey Don’t

Teachers S2 E10: Lunchtime! The Musical

Teachers S2 E9: In Security

Teachers US S2 E8: Getting Drilled

Teachers S2 E7: Thirty-One and Done

Teachers S2 E6: Brokebitch Mountain

Teachers S2 E5: Snap Judgement

Teachers S2 E4: Held Back

Teachers S2 E3: School Sweet School

Teachers S2 E2: Stranger Danger

Teachers S2 E1: First Day Back