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An MIT grad student and a tech superstar bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery of an asteroid that will impact the Earth in just six months, highlighting the attempts to prevent it and its worldwide ramifications.
Liam Cole, an MIT grad, discovers an asteroid headed towards Earth. After informing his instructor who later goes missing, he gains the assistance of Darius Tanz, a billionaire scientist. The two later speak with Harris Edwards, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who tells them that the United States government is already aware and plans to keep word of the asteroid under wraps.

Episode List

Salvation S2 E8: Abre Sus Ojos

Salvation S2 E7: The Madness of King Tanz

Salvation S2 E6: Let the Chips Fall

Salvation S2 E5: White House Down

Salvation S2 E4: Indivisible

Salvation S2 E3: Crimes and Punishment

Salvation S2 E2: Détente

Salvation S2 E1: Fall Out

Salvation S1 E13: The Plot Against America

Salvation S1 E12: The Wormwood Prophecy

Salvation S1 E11: All In

Salvation S1 E10: Coup de Grace

Salvation S1 E9: Patriot Games

Salvation S1 E8: From Russia, with Love

Salvation S1 E7: Seeing Red

Salvation S1 E6: Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Salvation S1 E5: Keeping the Faith

Salvation S1 E4: The Human Strain

Salvation S1 E3: Truth or Darius

Salvation S1 E2: Another Trip Around the Sun

Salvation S1 E1: Pilot