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Alex Parrish, a former FBI recruit, becomes a prime suspect after a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal and is arrested for treason. In flashbacks, she and her fellow agents (each with their own reason for joining the bureau) train at the FBI Academy. The current time-line focuses on Parrish’s constrained relationship with her friends while she is on the run in an attempt to prove her innocence. In the second season, Parrish has apparently been fired by the FBI; in flashbacks, she works undercover for the FBI as a CIA recruit at The Farm to uncover the AIC, a rogue faction within the agency. In the current time-line, a hostage crisis at a G-20 summit in New York City is initiated by the Citizens Liberation Front, a terrorist group. Two weeks after the crisis, President Claire Haas and CIA director Matthew Keyes form a covert CIA-FBI task force (led by Clay Haas) to expose eight conspirators who were secretly involved in the hostage crisis.

Episode List

Quantico S3 E12: Ghosts

Quantico S3 E11: The Art of War

Quantico S3 E10: No Place Is Home

Quantico S3 E9: Fear Feargach

Quantico S3 E8: Deep Cover

Quantico S3 E7: And the Heavens Fall

Quantico S3 E6: Flashbang

Quantico S3 E5: The Blood of Romeo

Quantico S3 E4: Spy Games

Quantico S3 E3: Hell’s Gate

Quantico S3 E2: Fear and Flesh

Quantico S3 E1: The Conscience Code

Quantico S2 E22: RESISTANCE

Quantico S2 E21: RAINBOW

Quantico S2 E20: GLOBALREACH

Quantico S2 E19: MHORDER

Quantico S2 E18: KUMONK

Quantico S2 E17: ODYOKE

Quantico S2 E16: MKTOPAZ

Quantico S2 E15: MOCKINGBIRD

Quantico S2 E14: LNWILT

Quantico S2 E13: EPICSHELTER


Quantico S2 E11: ZRTORCH

Quantico S2 E10: Jmpalm

Quantico S2 E9: CLEOPATRA

Quantico S2 E8: ODENVY

Quantico S2 E7: Lcflutter

Quantico S2 E6: Aquiline

Quantico S2 E5: KMFORGET

Quantico S2 E4: Kubark

Quantico S2 E3: Stescalade

Quantico S2 E1: Kudove