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The series is described as a sort of comedic X-Files.Leroy Wright, sharp-witted skeptic and Max Allison, a genius true believer in the paranormal who are recruited by an organization called The Bureau Underground to investigate a series of “unexplained” activities that are occurring in the Los Angeles area, which are supposedly tied to a mysterious entity that could threaten the existence of the human species.

Episode List

Ghosted S1 E16: Hello Boys

Ghosted S1 E15: The Airplane

Ghosted S1 E14: Unbelievable

Ghosted S1 E13: The Demotion

Ghosted S1 E12: The Premonition

Ghosted S1 E11: The Wire

Ghosted S1 E10: Hello Boys

Ghosted S1 E9: Snatcher

Ghosted S1 E8: Haunted Hayride

Ghosted S1 E7: Ghost Studz

Ghosted S1 E6: Sam

Ghosted S1 E5: The Machine

Ghosted S1 E4: Lockdown

Ghosted S1 E3: Whispers

Ghosted S1 E2: Jermaine the Zombie

Ghosted S1 E1: Pilot