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The series follows crew of a derelict spaceship – group of six people – awaken in stasis pods with amnesia aboard a starship called the Raza. They have no memories of their identities or their lives before awakening, so they assume the names One through Six, in the order in which they left stasis. They stabilize their vessel and set about trying to determine who they are and what happened to them. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.

Episode List

Dark Matter S3 E13: Nowhere to Go

Dark Matter S3 E12: My Final Gift to You

Dark Matter S3 E11: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Dark Matter S3 E10: Built, Not Born

Dark Matter S3 E9: Isn’t That a Paradox?

Dark Matter S3 E8: Hot Chocolate

Dark Matter S3 E7: Wish I Could Believe You

Dark Matter S3 E6: One Last Card to Play

Dark Matter S3 E5: Give It Up, Princess

Dark Matter S3 E4: All the Time in the World

Dark Matter S3 E2: It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This

Dark Matter S3 E3: Welcome to the Revolution

Dark Matter S3 E1: Being Better Is So Much Harder

Dark Matter S2 E12: Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get to Choose

Dark Matter S2 E13: But First, We Save the Galaxy

Dark Matter S2 E11: Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance

Dark Matter S2 E10: Take the Shot