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Josh Roberts, a divorced actor whose TV series was recently cancelled, moves back to New York City and lives in apartment 9K. His family lives in adjacent apartments: his parents live in 9J, while his brother, sister-in-law, and their newborn baby live in 9L. This unique situation prompts Josh to try and set boundaries while reconnecting with his family members.

The show is loosely based on Feuerstein’s experiences while shooting the USA Network series Royal Pains; in real life, however, Feuerstein lived with his wife, 9JKL executive producer Dana Klein, while living next to his own family.

Episode List

9JKL S1 E16: Tell All

9JKL S1 E15: Stalker Status

9JKL S1 E14: Friday’s with Harry

9JKL S1 E13: Heavy Meddling

9JKL S1 E12: It Happened One Night

9JKL S1 E11: Set Visit

9JKL S1 E10: The Family Plot

9JKL S1 E9: Lovers Getaway

9JKL S1 E8: Make Thanksgiving Great Again

9JKL S1 E7: Nanny Wars


9JKL S1 E5: The Keys of Life

9JKL S1 E4: High Steaks

9JKL S1 E3: Cool Friend Luke

9JKL S1 E2: Relationship Guy