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In the year 2043, scavenger James Cole (Aaron Stanford) has been recruited by a team of “Project Splinter” scientists led by physicist Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa), to travel back in time to the year 2015, and stop the release of a deadly virus by the enigmatic organization known as the “Army of the 12 Monkeys”. In Cole’s original timeline, the virus caused a plague that resulted in the death of seven billion humans in the year 2017, and its on-going mutations will mean the eventual end of the human race. In the 2015 timeline, Cole will meet and enlist the help of brilliant virologist Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly (Amanda Schull); the two are brought together because a recording mentioning Cole, that Cassie made after the viral outbreak, is uncovered by Jones in the future timeline, prompting her to select Cole for the mission.

Episode List

12 Monkeys S4 E11: The Beginning

12 Monkeys S4 E9: One Minute More

12 Monkeys S4 E8: Demons

12 Monkeys S4 E7: Daughters

12 Monkeys S4 E6: Die Glocke

12 Monkeys S4 E5: Die Glocke

12 Monkeys S4 E4: Legacy

12 Monkeys S4 E3: 45 RPM

12 Monkeys S4 E2: Ouroboros

12 Monkeys S4 E1: The End

12 Monkeys S3 E10: Witness

12 Monkeys S3 E9: Thief

12 Monkeys S3 E8: Masks

12 Monkeys S3 E7: Causality

12 Monkeys S3 E6: Nature

12 Monkeys S3 E5: Nurture

12 Monkeys S3 E4: Brothers

12 Monkeys S3 E3: Enemy

12 Monkeys S3 E2: Guardians

12 Monkeys S3 E1: Mother